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Based on my last blog I would argue that Scripture teaches that we all worship something.  We were created to worship God and live our lives out of that worship. The word "worship" in the scripture is translated different ways: bow down, praise, SERVE, etc. Our lives, every moment of every day, are an expression of what or who we worship. When we worship God we experience the freedom of functioning as we were created to function. When we worship someone else (usually self) we become enslaved. We often refer to this enslavement as "addiction." 

I read an article recently that categorizes the different types of addicts or enslavement. Here they are:

1. Enslavement that is born out of hurt. Someone or something hurt us and we are trying to cover our pain. The author says this is the most common.

2. Enslavement that is born out of anger. This person is trying to punish someone by engaging in something they know will hurt the person who hurt them and they become enslaved.

3. Enslavement that is born out of boredom. This person wants to feel alive. It's the thrill that they are after but they are quickly enslaved by their behavior.

4. Enslavement that is born out of naiveté. This person tried something and now they are hooked. Teens are especially susceptible here. 

Think about the things that enslave you: TV, Food, alcohol, tobacco, diet coke, shopping, etc. What got you into it? Hurt, anger, boredom, or naiveté? Then ask a question about worship. "How is this an expression of who I worship?"

Think about the people in your life and what they are addicted to. How can you be sensitive to their enslavement, listen to their story and help them understand what they believe and worship? How can you bring them into Gospel Renewal? 

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