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Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner 


The Apostles' Creed: Holy Spirit Assurance

This Sunday we end our series in the Apostles’ Creed by focusing on the ministry of the Holy Spirit. This last part of the creed focuses our attention on the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church, assuring us of forgiveness, resurrection, and eternal life. These are the great promises given to God’s children in the covenant of grace. It is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to give us assurance that these promises are ours in Christ.

Our confession says, “This certainty…(is) an infallible assurance of faith founded upon divine truth of the promises of salvation, the inward evidence of those graces unto which these promises are made, the testimony of the Spirit of adoption witnessing with our spirits that we are the children of God; which Spirit is the earnest of our inheritance, whereby we are sealed to the day of redemption.” (WCF, 18:2)

While our assurance can be “shaken, diminished, and intermitted” (WCF, 18:4), it is the ministry of the Holy Spirit to enable us to “know the things which are freely given him by God…” (WCF, 18:3).

So come Sunday, and consider the ministry of the Spirit to assure us of our standing with God, through Jesus Christ, and enable us to walk in hope of these promises.

~Pastor Tim