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Children’s Ministries


Upcoming Children's Events

June 3, 2018
First Sunday of Summer Teach Me to Worship program
July 29, 2018Kids in Worship Sunday
August 26, 2018Last Sunday of Summer Teach Me to Worship program
Spetember 2, 2018Kids in Worship Sunday

Teach Me to Worship is our summertime Sunday morning program for students who are rising Kindergarteners through rising 3rd graders. Students go to the sanctuary with their families at 10am and then are given the opportunity to go to their classes during the offering time (approximately 10:20 am.)

Our children are grouped into Younger and Older classes for Teach Me to Worship. Our Younger class includes children who are rising Kindergarteners and first graders. Our Older class includes children who are rising second and third graders.

The Teach Me to Worship classes are designed to train children in worshiping God –explaining what it is we do and why—all while actually engaging in worship. During June, July and August 2018 our children will be learning about three different elements of worship: Confession of Faith, Tithes and Offerings, and Reading of the Word. We will memorize Scripture and catechism questions and answers. And we will learn also learn a different song each month and practice singing it with motions to help us understand what the lyrics mean (and you’ll notice that we’ll be singing those songs in our sanctuary worship time too!)

In order to help our students feel welcome—and our parents to know more of what is going on in our Teach Me to Worship, we have the following:

Our hallway bulletin board is set up with lists of our students and photos of our different leaders. It includes information about the theme and song for the month.

Our Letter to Parents goes home the first Sunday of the month. It gives an overview of the topics, Scripture reading, and memorization so that families can reinforce the learning at home during the week. To see this month’s letter, click here.

Planning to have your child(ren) attend Teach Me to Worship for the first time? Click here to access our Guest registration form. Filling that out ahead of time will make your check in easier.

Any questions about Teach Me to Worship? Click here to email Marj Swierenga, Director of Children’s Ministries.

Need to check your serving schedule or volunteer schedule?

Check your individual serving schedule here.

Early Education full volunteer schedule here.

Welcome to Children's Ministries 

The Children's Ministries at East Cobb Presbyterian Church is designed to "show Jesus" to children from the time they are born through fifth grade. We do this so that they and their families might be drawn to trust, worship and obey Him. 

Our Children's Ministries strives to meet the needs of our families on Sunday morning through our Early Education childcare (Nursery, Two and Three year olds), our KidConnect program, and our Children's Worship Bulletin.

We take our role of coming alongside our parents seriously - including the area of safety and security. Therefore all of our Children's Ministries programs are staffed by volunteers who are members of the ECPC congregation and who have completed a national background check and security clearance interview process. If you are interested in knowing more about serving in Children's Ministries at ECPC, click here.

Sunday Morning Offerings

EARLY EDUCATION (Birth - age 4)

The youngest among us are warmly welcomed at East Cobb Presbyterian Church! We offer nurseries for infants - age 4 during the Sunday morning worship service. children may be dropped off beginning at 9:50a.m. We know that when parents understand their children are being lovingly cared for, they can focus their hearts and minds more fully on corporate worship. We take seriously the responsibility of nurturing and instructing these little children in our nurseries and classrooms, seeking to show them Jesus as we play and learn.

Purple Lambs (birth — age 1)

 Our infant nursery is for holding, rocking, changing, singing, and loving. Before they can walk, we are making sure that our littlest ones are hearing God’s truth as we sing hymns and rehearse the children’s catechism for their young ears. We believe that helping them hide these truths in their heart at the earliest opportunity provides a springboard for later understanding.

Yellow Lambs (walking — age 2)

Our toddler nursery is for playing, comforting, teaching, and laughing. Using a modified version of The Gospel Story Curriculum, our one- and two-year-olds learn familiar Bible stories from a variety of children’s Bibles to help introduce them to some foundational truths in new and exciting ways. Even as they are learning new words, we are helping them to memorize scripture and apply it to their lives.

Green Lambs (2 years old by Sept. 1)

After graduating from the toddler nursery in the fall, our two-year-olds are promoted to a more structured classroom that features story time, craft time, snack time, play time, and more. While they learn fundamental skills like sharing, taking turns, and helping clean up after themselves, they’re also walking through the Bible from beginning to end, learning familiar hymns, and memorizing scripture.

Blue Lambs (3 years old by Sept. 1)

Our three-year-olds continue to walk through the Old and New Testaments during story time, building on what they began in the Green Lambs class. They enjoy music time with some familiar hymns and praise songs, scripture memory and application, catechism memorization, and more. These kids are hungry to learn, and our team of volunteer teachers are delighted to share the truths of scripture with them.

Our Curriculum

We use The Gospel Story curriculum to take your children through the Bible from start to finish, beginning each fall. This gospel-centered curriculum teaches children a Biblical theology focused on the person and work of Christ. Take home pages on the back of the children's coloring sheets allow you to review the stories with your child(ren) and understand the gospel lesson being taught.

Using age appropriate activities and lessons, children will begin to recognize and understand the Bible's four major components: creation, fall, redemption, and consummation--in the following way:

1. God made the world good (creation)
2. Sin made the world groan (fall)
3. Jesus broke the chains of sin (redemption)
4. God will make a new world (consummation) 


In addition to The Gospel Story Bible that we use in class, our curriculum has two accompanying devotional books to use in the home that we highly recommend. Long Story Short  and Old Story New can be used in partnership with what we're teaching on Sunday, and will help your child recall what he or she is learning on Sunday morning, and apply it throughout the week.





KidConnect is our Sunday morning program designed for students between the ages of 4 and 5th grade. We encourage our families to go to worship together at 10:00 am and then our children are given the opportunity to go to KidConnect during the offering time (approximately 10:20 am).

Kid Connect uses a large group/small group format. This means that all the students are together for the first 20 minutes during which they participate in an icebreaker activity and a presentation of the weekly Bible story. Then they break into small groups (divided by age/grade) with a small group leader. During their small group time, they engage with their small group leader, pray, think and discuss what they've learned. The leaders help them do this by including activities that incorporate different modalities and types of learning. 

In order to help our students feel welcome - and our parents to know more of what is going on in KidConnect, we have the following:

Our hallway bulletin board is set up with lists of all of the small groups and their leaders. We have photos of our leaders so that your child might quickly identify 'their leader'. If your child sees the name of a classmate, please let us know that. We love to match children up in their small group assignments so that we make them feel comfortable as quickly as possible.

Our monthly unit summary is available as a monthly email. This one page handout allows parents to better understand which stories and concepts we're covering in KidConnect. To see a sample unit summary, click here.

Our optional Guess What! magazine is available ($12 for 9 monthly issues) for purchase. This magazine is full of stories, games and activities that extend the teaching that happens on Sunday morning. We've had some families incorporate it into their homeschooling lessons. Others find it a fun magazine to keep in the car and use during commutes and carpool lines.


Here is a video to show you a bit more - watch video.

Planning to have your children attend KidConnect for the first time? Click here to access our Guest Information Sheet. You may print it and fill it out at home to avoid having to do so on Sunday morning. 

Children’s Worship Bulletin

Because we believe strongly that God created children as worshippers we provide a special Children’s Bulletin each week.  This bulletin helps students (ages 6 through 10) to identify the different parts of worship, to better listen and understand the worship and sermon that Sunday, and to facilitate family discussion during the week.  This bulletin is created by our Children’s Ministries Director in conjunction with the pastor who is preaching that week. You can download a sample Children’s Bulletin by clicking here.

Interested in Serving?

We’re excited to have a large group of volunteers who serve in Children’s Ministries at ECPC!

All adults who serve in our Children’s Ministries are required to:

 •Be members of ECPC

•Complete the following three Child Security forms:

  1. Background Check Consent and Information
  2. Children's Ministries Volunteer Application
  3. Children's Ministries Worker Reference Check   (highlight to copy and paste into an email to 2 non-family people who can vouch for you)

•Submit to a nation-wide background check 

•Be interviewed by our Children’s Ministries’ Director and an Elder

Have a question about Children's Ministries at ECPC? Send an email to Marj Swierenga, Director of Children's Ministries.